AS Batle Company - Raven Graphite Object

A S Batle Co.

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AS Batle Company - Raven Graphite Object

Writes like a pencil, and won't rub off on your hands. Perfect for gift giving, each Graphite Object is beautifully packaged with signed literature and a custom box.

With uncanny intelligence and a curious nature, ravens have figured a permanent place in the lore of Northwest Coast native cultures. Cast as both a Trickster and the Creator, ravens are portrayed as selfish, mischievous and ever-hungry, foiling the unsuspecting and the prosaic. Despite its treacherous ways, native cosmology recognizes this Trickster-s chaos as transformational. While he may leave ruin in his wake, he also reveals new possibilities and creative evolution. In its most popular tale, the raven steals the sun from a hoarding old man then clumsily drops and breaks it illuminating the cold, dark world.

Measures approximately 6" in length. 

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