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Booker Morey’s Leaf Lines - Framed Leaves

Leaves have an intricate structure and natural symmetry, a fragile beauty that is normally hidden and transient, like that of a snowflake or a spiders web. Booker Morey has discovered a process for exposing the fine vein structure in the leaves. Each leaf is hand-treated to reveal its inner lacy design, hand dyed in autumn colors and arranged in a frame chosen for its quiet elegance and for its enhancement of the leaf’s complex natural pattern.

Booker Morey’s Leaf Lines come in the four sizes, 5x7 for $97.00, 8x10 for $128.00, 11x14 for $216.00 and 18x24 for $550.00. (Sizes listed are measurements of the shadowbox, so the inside of the frame.) Booker Morey’'s Leaf Lines - Framed Leaves brighten up any room. Their eye catching beauty make a wonderful gift for any occasion.