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The Porcelain Garden Night Lights

Here we are featuring Lithophane Night Lights, Lamps and Tea Lights From The Porcelain Garden. First invented in France in 1827, a Lithophane ( Vision In Stone ) is a porcelain engraving that comes to life when illuminated from behind. So detailed these Lithophanes are often mistaken for photographs. Lithophanes are created by first carving a design in wax, making a mold from the wax carving, then porcelain is pressed into the mold. The dried porcelain is finished by hand and then high fired in a kiln. The high temperature firing makes the porcelain nonporous, durable and beautifully translucent. In 1982 The Porcelain Garden reintroduced this lost art form, creating beautiful and elegant Night Lights, Lamps and Tea Lights.