AS Batle Company - Asparagus Graphite Object

A S Battle Co.

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AS Batle Company - Asparagus Graphite Object

Writes like a pencil, and won't rub off on your hands. Perfect for gift giving, each Graphite Object is beautifully packaged with signed literature and a custom box. This Asparagus Graphite object measures 6" in length.

Our first bite from the first crop of asparagus snaps the end of our long dark winter.  The flat fields of cold black earth give way to this earliest crop of the season.  Unlike other young plants that gently unfurl their nascent leaves, asparagus spears thrust skyward with a vigor that can be witnessed, growing up to 10 inches in a single day.  They are the harbingers of our cultivated bounty; spring’s promise of new life and abundance.

Item #565-ASP

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