Natural Edge Hollow Form


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  • Natural Edge Hollow Form
  • Natural Edge Hollow Form

Made from Box Elder. The natural edge neck on this vessel makes for an attractive focal point and adds an organic element to this classic form. What has Mike Mahoney done for us here? He has taken some beautifully distressed very fragile material and rendered an extremely thin walled vessel that is almost weightless and just floats when held in the palm of your hand. Consider the amount of material removed from the interior of this vessel. The walls are barely three sixteenths of an inch thick. All of this material is removed through a very small opening at the top of the vessel and done with a precision that preserves the natural elements surrounding the opening. A wood turner's masterpiece. The Natural Edge Hollow Form is eight and one half inches in diameter at its widest point and stands eight and three quarter inches high. To view more of Mike Mahoney's work click on the Next button.

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